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ELECTRONATURE, is a radio program that debuted in 2002 on Radio Blackout Torino. Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Dino but my listeners know me as Dj Dino.
Please don’t be misled by the program name of Electronature – I play a variety of music including, reggae, dub, dub step, drum and bass, house, trip hop, soul, jazz, funk, lounge, ambient, minimal and techno. Over the years my musical taste has been influenced by Radio Blackout.
Each week I highlight a different genre of music thereby giving the listening a fresh take on that style of music.
I hope you enjoy the program. And please be sure to share any comments you may have about the show.
Dj Dino

Every saturday night from 00:00 to 02:00 on Radio Blackout, 105.250 FM in Turin or http://www.radioblackout.org for the streaming.


ELECTRONATURE, programma radiofonico a cura del Dj Dino, in onda tutti i sabati dalle 24 alle 2 del mattino sui 105.250 in Fm di Radio Blackout Torino. Per ascoltarla tramite internet andate sulla pagina di blackout http://www.radioblackout.org e cercate il player dello streaming.
Dj Dino.


ELECTRONATURE, programa de radio de Dj Dino, en difusión todos los sabados a partir de 24 horas hasta las 2 de la mañana en radio Blackout, frecuencia 105.250 FM en Turín. Para escuchar el programa con internet ir a la pagina http://www.radioblackout.org y buscar el player del streaming.
Dj Dino.



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